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Listed below are links to some of our more popular Help Center FAQ's.  Many more are available in our searchable Help Center.  If you cannot find what you are looking for you may open an Email Support Ticket or call us at 480-624-2500.  You will need your account number and call-in PIN for phone support.  Call anytime 24/7.

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Transferring Your Hosting Account
Guide - Linux Shared Hosting
Guide - Windows Shared Hosting

Uploading Files Using FTP Clients
Guide - Uploading Files Using Windows XP
Guide - Uploading Files Using Windows Vista
Uploading Files Using the "Hosting Control Center"

Hosting Multiple Web Sites on One Account
Locating Your Hosting Login or User Name

Glossary of Hosting Terms
Publishing Content Before DNS is Modified
Preview DNS - Test Site Prior to Launch

Password Protecting a Directory
Remove Dedicated IP Address from Hosting Account
Switch Your Hosting Account Operating System
Change Your PHP Language Version
Set Directory Permissions on Linux Acct

Changing Hosting Acct Password (FTP Password)
Setting up Calendar
Setting up a Starter Web Page
Photo Album FAQ's
Guide - Site Analytics
Tutorial - Calendar
Guide - Online File Folder

FTP Tutorials - CoffeeCup, Composer (Netscape), CuteFTP, IE, Microsoft Publisher, WS_FTP

301 Page Redirects When Page no Longer Exists

404 Error Page Setup
404 Error Page Setup on Subdomains and Aliased Domains
Using ImageMagick on Linux Hosting Account




"temp" files created in the /tmp directory on our Linux servers will be deleted if they have not been accessed for 720 hours (30 days).

Linux shared hosting account directories can hold a maximum of 1024 files.

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  Linux Shared Hosting

Using PHP Form Mailers
(gdform.php and webformmailer.php)

Email Address Setup for PHP Form-Mailer

Email or Relay Server Setup
for Use in PHP Code


Windows Shared Hosting

Using ASP & PHP Form Mailers
(webformmailer.asp, gdform.asp & gdform.php)

Email Address Setup for ASP Form-Mailer

Reinstalling Default Scripts
(note: gdform.asp can't be recovered if deleted)




Form Mailer sends mail at the following rates:
ASP - every 10 minutes
CGI - every 15 minutes
PHP gdform.php - every 15 minutes
PHP webformmailer.php - every 15 minutes (default) or as specified

Use the following relay server in your ASP CDONTS code:
(You do not need to provide user name and password for this server.)


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Cell Phone Setup




Palm Pre
Windows Mobile 5
Windows Mobile 6


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Introducing ASP
Photo Album
Free version has 1GB of ad-supported space.
Paid version has 2.5GB of ad-free space.
Quick Blogcast
Quick Shopping Cart
WebSite Tonight, Getting Started
WebSite Tonight, Advanced

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