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HELP - Check Your Email SMTP Relay Settings

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Check Your Email SMTP Relay Settings

If you are using an email client, such as Microsoft Outlook®, Mozilla Thunderbird™, or Microsoft Entourage®, to send outgoing email through your email account, you will need to relay your email messages through our servers. You can send up to 250 email messages per day through the SMTP Relay. This limit resets at 1:00 A.M., Arizona Time. You can purchase additional SMTP relays to increase your message limit. When you purchase SMTP relay accounts, you can apply the relays to any of your email addresses.


NOTE:  With Web-Based Email and SMTP, you are restricted to 100 email addresses (To, Cc, and Bcc) per email message, regardless of the number of SMTP relays you have per day. For more information, see Email Account Limitations.

If you have trouble connecting to your email account, first make sure you have set up SMTP Relay in your email account.

To Check Your Email SMTP Relay Settings

  1. Log in to your Account Manager.
  2. Under My Products, click Email.
  3. Next to the account you want to use, click Manage Account. If a pop-up appears, click View All. The Email Control Center displays.
  4. Click the email account name you wish to work with, (for example, jane@coolexample.com).
  5. Go to the Advanced tab, and specify the number of relays you want to use per day.
  6. Click OK.


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