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Need a Website - Start Here

Decide what you will be doing with your website.  Is it for fun, business, friends, family, opening a store?  Examine a website you like.  Does it have a blog, lots of text, lots of pictures, slide shows, video or music?  Which of these features are you wanting to use on your website?

Choose a domain name for your site and check its availability with our WHOIS search..  More than one domain name may be purchased and all of them can point to the same website.

Register the domain name.  When you find an available domain name you will need to register it.  Select "Continue to Registration".  Customize your choices and Checkout.

Note:  Step 4 of the domain name registration process "Activate Your Domain" allows you to add email to your domain name.  This is only needed if you want multiple email accounts but do not wish to open a website at this time.  There is a free email account and free 100-pack email forwarding included with your domain name registration.  If you will be opening a website, email will also be included in the hosting package.

With your domain name we provide free services to allow you to create a simple Starter Web Page, a blog and Photo Album.  If you choose to use these free ad-supported services, you are done.  It is simple and quick.  If you need help getting started, call Product Support at 480-624-2500.

Choose a hosting package.  We have numerous website hosting plans available.  If you are just beginning and not too sure what to use a Linux Hosting Plan or Website Tonight® will work just fine.

  • Linux - Linux is a free open source operating system that is placed on most hosting servers.  It is very stable and with our control panel easily manageable.  There are thousands of free add-on applications that will run on this OS.
  • Windows - These plans use a Windows based operating system.  Some of the latest online technologies are created by Microsoft for website development.  They can be a bit technical, but they are very powerful.  Free add-on applications are also available for Windows OS hosting.
  • Website Builder - Use pre-built designs and content.  Pick a design, make it yours, publish it.  Over 300 templates and 2000+ design options.
  • Quick Shopping Cart® - Create and publish a stand-alone internet store or add one to your existing website in a matter of minutes.  Choose a design, add your products, then sell online.
  • Dedicated Servers - For those of you who need full control of your server.

Helpful Information




The SLD (Second Level Domain) is part of the domain name to the left of the dot.

Only letters, numbers and hyphens may be used for the SLD with a length of 3-63 characters.

The TLD (Top-Level-Domain) is part of the domain name to the right of the dot. Most websites use the popular .com TLD. But on your personal website you may be interested in using a .me or .name TLD.  Organizations tend to use .org.

We provide you with a choice of 62 TLD's.

WHOIS database searches let you find information about an existing domain name such as who owns it and when it was created.  It is public information.

Domain names may be registered for 1-10 years at a time and may be renewed as long as you wish to keep it.

Multiple domain names may point to the same website.

Content is the information you present on your website.

The host server is the equipment where your website content physically resides.

Publishing or uploading is the process by which you send your content from your computer to your website on the host server.


Create your site's content and publish it to the internet.  How you create your content will depend upon which hosting package you choose. If you use SmartSpace®, Website Tonight®, Quick Shopping Cart® or Quick Blogcast™ you will be using our online Control Panel to manage your site. If you decide to use Linux or Windows hosting packages or our Dedicated Servers you will need a third-party website editor (HTML editor) to create your content. An HTML editor will usually publish your work automatically. If it doesn't there are numerous ways to upload your content. See our Help files for more information.

Note:  Our technical support phone numbers allow you to contact technicians who help you setup and use our products and services.  But they are not able to walk you through designing your website using a third-party HTML editor.  There are numerous editors available and you will need to use their support services.


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